The Brand

Beyond joy!


ABIGAIL means « Beyond joy ». ABIGAIL is an anti-crisis brand that strongly belives in spreading joy rather then gloom. Inspired by the pop art and an offbeat preppy look, ABIGAIL’s fun and vibrant designs are sure to guarantee happiness.


ABIGAIL’s French and Brazilian origins bring to life an original and colorful aura. ABIGAIL combines elegance and originality, while revisiting the timeless classics.
A deep work with colors and good-mood-infusing shoes that gives every woman the possibility to walk trough the world asserting a unique style.

Comfort & elegance

Shoes are essential for women. For this very reason, it has to be of best quality and very comfortable. Comfort is essential to elegance. This Comfort implies therefore physical and emotional well-being.


Particularly sensitive to her imprint, ABIGAIL follows an ethic and eco-friendly approach. ABIGAIL shoes are handmade, accomplished in collaboration with professional craftsmen who present exceptional skills that set them apart from the industrialized world.


Many many thanks to all ABIGAIL’s friends, clients, partners and fans.

ABIGAIL - Friends


Art director/design: Tamy Potasz Copat
Web & PR: Pierre-Emmanuel Rouzineau
Pictures: Briac