ABIGAIL's party

Les Cendrillons ABIGAIL

Do you like Abigail ? Our design brings you joy ? Join The Cinderellas of ABIGAIL ; share your joy with your surroundings, present ABIGAIL to them!

1 - Choose and invite some girlfriends, cousins, colleagues and neighbors.

2 - Select all the models you want to try.

3 - Contact ABIGAIL . Our team organizes with you a private fitting session, or a shipping of the selected styles in the appropriate sizes.

4 - Depending on the number of guests conquered , we offer a reduction of up to 20% off the entire order and for you , our Cinderella , A surprise from ABIGAIL.

If as ABIGAIL you believe that there is not many moments that give as much pleasure as the first time you wear a new pair of shoes , don’t hesitate to contact us to join the Cinderellas of ABIGAIL!


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