The brand ABIGAIL

Tamy Potasz Copat, the designer

ABIGAIL is primarily the story of when Brazil meets France. The brand was created in 2011 in Paris when Tamy Potasz Copat, a young architect from Brazil decided to give shape to an ambitious project to create a brand of women's shoes. She then teamed up with Pierre-Emmanuel Rouzineau, a young French entrepreneur, who is immediately convinced by the colorful and sparkling universe imagined by Tamy.

After studying Fine Arts and Architecture, Tamy began her career as an architect in a Franco-Brazilian firm. Discovering quickly a passion for materials and especially for leather, today she makes us travel through an offbeat and colorful world with her creations full of good humor and cheerfulness. Tamy’s goal is to propose bright sunny shoes to bring us "much more than joy".

For Tamy Potasz Copat, the designer of the brand ABIGAIL, the gaiety is a demand and happiness a daily objective!
Forget rules if you like it wear it


ABIGAIL proposes an urban chic style to women whom are proud to be happy by offering a quality product for a full approach of lightness and insurance. They can be soft and round, boyish and modern, elegant and timeless; ABIGAIL shoes  will seduce you above all by their personality.

Tamy love working with different materials and communicates in her collections a freedom of tone and color that brings true joy. In love with parisian chic and preppy offbeat, ABIGAIL women are active, smiling, uninhibited of fashion diktats and embody a distinctive style.

Inspired by pop art and implementing retro shapes or modern forms, ABIGAIL navigates between tradition and originality, offering colourful leathers and original details to make each pair a unique design.

The ABIGAIL style, fun and dynamic, are created before all to bring happiness!

The ABIGAIL manufacturing process

Manufactured from the finest leathers, ABIGAIL shoes are produced in our studios in Portugal where excellence rhymes with tradition. Each pair of shoes is handmade by artisans and produced in limited series.

Our production of footwear responds to a desire to stand out from the mass of industry, often delocalized and globalized by a European and artisanal production, broadcast on a local market.

ABIGAIL is a member of the French Federation of Footwear and we take great care to comply with manufacturing standards. We always keep an eye on innovations.

We remain convinced that the beauty and craftsmanship are inseparable. This belief characterizes the spirit and identity of the kind of production process we achieve as respectful as possible for people and the environment.

The ABIGAIL manufacturing process

Where to buy ABIGAIL's shoes?

Where to buy ABIGAIL's shoes?

In addition to our online shop and website, we regularly organize pop up stores in Paris and France. Follow us on Facebook for dates and locations of our ephemeral sales and our participation in various events . Don’t hesitate to get in touch to know the addresses of our stockists. ( Paris , Toulouse, Orleans , Berlin, London ...).


Find all styles available in the eshop . Delivery and returns are free for all orders in France .

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